Jason Kidd Now Wears a Crooked Headband to Cover a Gash on His Head

Jason Kidd is 39-years old. He is in his 19th season in the NBA. Coming into Sunday’s game against the Indiana Pacers, the Knicks were 7-1. So why the hell did Jason Kidd decide to suddenly start wearing a headband? Unfortunately, his reason isn’t “to fit in with the young guys.” Kidd started wearing the headband to cover a cut he received from Lance Stephenson in the Pacers game.

Well, that doesn’t make it right. Jason Kidd has three children and no hair. After nearly two headband-less decades in the NBA, seeing Kidd with a headband is jarring. And the fact that it is crooked doesn’t help matters one bit. This should not be happening and should stop immediately. I do not like this at all.

Because you want to see it first!

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