Royce White Attacking Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter Over Week-Old Article About His Problems With the Rockets

It’s been about a week since we heard anything about Royce White and the Houston Rockets. It has now been 2 weeks since White was with the Rockets. With White almost forgotten and things possibly calming down enough for the two parties to meet, you might be surprised to see White go off on Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski about an article he published over a week ago. Then again, you might not. This morning White took to – what else? – Twitter to try and discredit one of the best and the most respected basketball writer on the internet.

That’s just the start. I counted 28 tweets from White to Woj in about an hour’s time. Ending with this gem:

The weirdest part is that White already responded to Woj on Twitter about the article last Sunday. He continues to fascinate. I’m sure the Rockets are thrilled.

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