Dallas Mavericks Announcer Strongly Objects to Kobe's Use of Dirk's Signature Move

Kobe Bryant seems to rub people the wrong way even when he’s not trying to. During the Lakers 115-89 victory over the Mavericks Saturday, Kobe used Dirk Nowitzki’s trademark one leg fadeaway¬†shot, infuriating the Mavericks’ color analyst:

Don’t do that in in here. Don’t do that in this building.

Hometown announcers have always bothered me. If I wanted to listen to a fan reaction to the game, I’d go to a bar or better yet the actual game. The Mavericks’ announcer seems to think Dirk is the only person allowed to do this move in the arena. I guess Kareem Adul-Jabbar should get a check from anyone that uses the hook shot in Staples. But you’ve got to love the hometown guys – they know how to appease the locals. He might as well have yelled “Kobe sucks” while he was at it.

Because you want to see it first!

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