Fireman Ed Blah Blah Blah Who Cares? Jets Fans Have Much More Important Things to Worry About

Fireman Ed, a Jets fan, has quit his “job” of being that guy in the stadium who tries to lead chants and earn camera time. He wrote an editorial about it for Metro New York, and said he was getting harassed by too many fans, and it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Drunk Jets fans trying to start fights with a 40-something Super Fan? I’m stunned. Can we move on?

The Jets have far too many problems for me to care about Fireman Ed. And if they were 11-0, I wouldn’t care about him, either. Never have, never will. No Jets fans I know – season ticket holders included – are fans of his work. Nobody will miss him.

What will the Jets miss? The playoffs for the second year in a row. Problems that trump Fireman Ed:

1. Who will be the new GM? I’ve been beating this drum since before the 2012 draft, and now it has become clear that the Jets will be in the market for a new GM. Instead of lazy columnists like Gary Myers jumping on the “new GM” bandwagon … I’m actually going to have a strong, well-researched list for you this week.

2. Awful linebackers. The Jets can’t stop the run (30th in the NFL). Fortunately, when you look at the cap situation, cutting Bart Scott and Calvin Pace won’t be a problem.

3. Problems on the offensive line. Don’t give me that “3 All Pros” crap. The line has struggled all year, and might need to be the top priority with their 1st round draft pick. The line can’t spark the running game, and has issues protecting Sanchez.

4. Defensive line. The Jets drafted Quinton Coples in the first round and he has just two sacks. The Jets rank 29th in the NFL with 17 sacks. Aldon Smith of the 49ers has 16.5; JJ Watt has 14.5. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality defensive lineman in the draft. [Here’s our latest Mock Draft.]

5. Skill players on offense. Say goodbye to Shonn Greene and Dustin Keller, two free agents. They haven’t had a No. 1 back since Thomas Jones left (LT was too old to be a No. 1) and their two best WRs are small (Kerley, Holmes) and the one that might have the most talent (Hill) can’t consistently catch the ball.

No, I’m not mentioning QB because Mark Sanchez is on the hook for big money next year and they simply cannot cut him. It won’t happen.

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