TJ Simers and Jim Mora Got Into it at a Press Conference After the Bruins Lost to Stanford

Let’s preface this: Stanford pounded UCLA Saturday, 35-17. The loss was meaningless to UCLA. Actually, it helped the Bruins – if they had beaten Stanford, UCLA would have played Oregon for a spot in the Rose Bowl. Instead, UCLA has a rematch with Stanford with the Rose Bowl on the line.

After Stanford’s win, shit-stirring LA Times columnist TJ Simers went after UCLA coach Jim Mora with the angle that the Bruins didn’t put forth their best effort. It’s a logical thought few would argue with. The problem? Simers forces the issue so much (“to put it in first grade terms”) that it pisses off Mora. Simers begins to go hard at the 4:40 mark.

Mora invites Simers up to the table at the 5:27 mark and then at 5:36 tells the columnist: “You don’t scare me,” followed by an angry stare while grinning. Doug Gottlieb knows how TJ Simers feels. [Video via Bruin Sports Report]

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