Alabama Jewelery Store Refunds "Tens of Thousands of Dollars" Because Alabama Shut Out Auburn in the Iron Bowl

Alabama unsurprisingly destroyed Auburn in the Iron Bowl last weekend, 49-0. The shutout was inconsequential for most people, but not for Gardendale, Alabama jewelery store owner, Jeff Dennis. During the week leading up to the Iron Bowl, Dennis offered a promotion that would grant a full refund to customers if either team was shutout.

In total, about 300 people took advantage of the deal and are looking at full refunds in addition to keeping the merchandise. Dennis will be giving back what he calls “tens of thousands of dollars.” From CBS 42:

“There were some tense moments in my house in the 3rd and 4th quarter and I was probably the only home that was a little concerned but it’s all good I’m insured so we’re having fun,” said Dennis.

Now that is an insurance claim that should be exciting to file.

[Eye on College Football]

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