Bobby Hebert Thinks He Has Forgotten More About Football Than Les Miles Knows

Bobby Hebert has been a noted Les Miles critic in the past. The exuberant LSU fan/radio host (and former NFL quarterback) is under no illusions that he’s Sean Payton, but believes he would do a better job coaching LSU’s offense than Les Miles.

“I know this and I actually believe this, and people say ‘oh come on;’ but I know I’ve forgotten more football than Les Miles knows,” he says. “If you could bring me down and call plays and know what you’re doing. I would never make that statement about Sean Payton. Come on, I know. But I know when the defense is doing this and blitzing how are you going to attack it? What you need to do? Like its 3rd-and-10 against Alabama, you’re going to run the option? Come on. You can get away with that against Washington. When you’re playing Alabama and you have 15 NFL players, well so do they. And you got to have some imagination.”

Les Miles is an offensive guy. LSU has had nine offensive players drafted in the past four NFL drafts. Their highest national finish in yards per play since 2008 is 50th.

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