Roundup: Powerball Winners, Alex Morgan's Hat Trick, Kate Middleton's New Haircut, Hobbit Sneak Peek

Kelly Brook … front page image … Lindsay Lohan punched a woman in the face this morning … Nostradamus on PSY … bonus Erin Heatherton … secret Gmail featureBill Murray … the key to immortal jellyfishWashington Times cutting staff again … woman hit, scratched boyfriend for bad sex, arrested … what if we had another Civil War … two people won Powerball last night … it is news when no one is stabbed or shot in NYC for an entire day … woman assaults girlfriend because of missing sex toy … Kate Middleton got a new haircut!

Here’s a long feature on, “America’s football coach,” Jon Gruden. [New Yorker]

David Aldridge is ready to call Jan Vesely a complete bust. Predicts he’ll be out of the league in 5 years. [WaPo]

Chris Petersen to Cal? [Mercury News]

Ndamukong Suh was fined $30,000 for kicking Matt Schaub in the nuts. [Detroit News]

Alex Morgan had a hat trick last night as USA beat Ireland, 5-0. [Boston Herald]

Colin Kaepernick named starter again. [USA Today]

Mike Tyson is taking his show on the road. [Reuters]

A 30 for 30 mini-documentary on… the Arnold Palmer. [Grantland]

The man with the world’s biggest biceps has been accused of steroid use. He answered his critics with a dismissive, “Do you even lift, bro?” [Austin.360]

Pretty sweet compilation of HD videos of people doing extreme stuff.

This is pretty insane. Father and daughter go kayaking and some whales surface right next to them.

The first look at The Hobbit. His advice should have been to stick him with the pointy end. [Update: Son of a son of a bitch. Glad I didn’t put this in the title of the post or anything. I’m sure the 40-second clip would have destroyed the opening weekend box office.] [Update 2: Here’s the clip. Watch it before it gets taken down in 5 minutes.]

No mention of Jimmer? For shame.

Alison Brie doing swoon-worthy things.

This guy covered an entire Chris Brown song in Family Guy voices.

Because you want to see it first!

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