Andy Reid Could Be the Next Dallas Cowboys Coach, the Times of Trenton Reports

Andy Reid and the Eagles will look to end an 7-game losing streak tonight in Dallas, and if you can’t find anything interesting about the game (confession: I can’t), this, from the Times of Trenton, might be worth spending a few minutes on: Andy Reid could be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

According to an extremely reliable source, who is close to Reid, the long-time Eagles head coach could be the head coach of the archrival Cowboys next year.

Of course, that is all based on Reid being fired by the Eagles, which is expected, and Jason Garrett being let go by the Cowboys, which isn’t quite as sure, but certainly could happen if Dallas does not make the playoffs.

“I know a lot of people think Andy is going to San Diego next year, and I can see that happening,” the source said. “But I keep hearing Dallas. I think he can end up with the Cowboys. As a matter of fact, I think he will end up with the Cowboys, if Jason is fired.

There’s a 99 percent chance Reid is fired. I’m still not convinced Jason Garrett is gone. As noted last month, the Dallas schedule is very favorable. Assuming a win tonight, the Cowboys will be in the mix for a Wild Card spot. My guess is Dallas will be rooting for New York against Washington Monday because the Cowboys and Redskins are tied in the NFC East.

As for Jerry Jones going after Reid? I would assume the 54-year-old coach will be down the list of calls for Jones, probably after Sean Payton, Chip Kelly and maybe another big name he’ll have no shot at, like Nick Saban. [Times of Trenton]

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