James Franklin Ranked Notre Dame Fourth Behind Three SEC Teams in the Final Coaches Poll

The final Coaches’ Poll was released in its entirety. Even when it is transparent, it remains wantonly biased. We’re not here to chastise coaches for acting in their own self-interest when afforded the opportunity. We just found a few things interesting.

SEC, SEC. James Franklin is staying in the SEC long term. He voted like it. The Vanderbilt coach ranked Notre Dame fourth, behind Alabama, Georgia and Florida. He placed SEC teams in six of his top eight places. He also included his own Commodores team at No. 16 and Mississippi State at No. 21. Clay Travis doesn’t think he went far enough.

Self-Interest: Bob Stoops needed Northern Illinois to finish outside the Top 16, to ensure his Oklahoma team could get rewarded for being Oklahoma. He voted them 24th. He also voted his own team 6th.

Brady Hoke: Hoke ranked Michigan at No. 15 with two other coaches, Brian Kelly and Rich Rodriguez. After moving on up, he has apparently forgotten his lower conference roots. He left Utah State, San Jose State and his former employer San Diego State off his poll. He was the only voter who included USC at No. 24.

Everyone loves Bill Snyder, except Joker Phillips. Phillips voted Kansas State 11th, behind two-loss Florida State and Clemson teams.

Bias: We would have loved to single out Todd Graham for voting Arizona State No. 20, but Gus Malzahn voted Arkansas State No. 17, Tim DeRuyter voted Fresno State No. 19, Jimbo Fisher voted Florida State No. 7, and Rocky Long voted San Diego State No. 20.

Gracious in Defeat, Sort of… Two voters ranked Wisconsin No. 16. One was Bo Pelini. That said, he had Nebraska just behind at No. 17.

Picking Up The Baton: Craig James did not vote this year, but Mark Richt reflected his sentiments. Richt left Boise State out of his Top 25. No other coach had them lower than No. 22. Getting beat by two touchdowns in his home state last season did not convince him.

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