Roundup: Magician's Head Set on Fire, Dolphin Bites Girl at Sea World & Journalist Accidentally Drives Motorcycle off Pier

Ciara … the Mayans have the entire globe spooked about 12.2.2012 … David Letterman fans will enjoy this … “ComScore To Include Mobile Traffic in New Measurement” … would the Nate Silver approach work in Hollywood? … I had no idea there were cheerleaders in Rugby … NBA writer Charley Rosen joins Sheridan Hoops … the 10 best books of 2012 … “Psy admits he gets sick of ‘Gangnam Style‘” … the Times loves to write about Humblebragging … “Man tweets, broadcasts police standoff from basement in Baltimore” … Scott Boras for the MLB Hall of Fame? … the Pope has joined twitter … man released from jail, arrested for robbing a bank an hour later …

If you bailed on Dallas-Philly for Homeland … Cowboys 38, Eagles 33. [Star Telegram]

Memphis loves the Grizzlies. [Commercial Appeal]

From Saturday: David Beckham and the Galaxy won an MLS title, and Becks is calling it a career. [LA Times]

Knicks 106, Suns 99. New York is 12-4, but Ray Felton did suffer a hand bruise, and is day-to-day. [Post]

“A shaggy brown sheep successfully dodged police, his handlers and a few cars while trotting through downtown Des Moines after escaping from his trailer.” [AP]

Hillary Clinton in 2016? Sounds like it’s happening. [New Yorker]

Fan still in critical condition after falling while taking a photo at the ACC title game. [Tampa Times]

The rise and fall of Lenny Dykstra. [Newsday]

Jovan Belcher’s relationship with his baby’s mother was “strained.” [Newsday]

For people who listen to NYC radio – a feature on Steve Somers. [NYT]

Chris Duncan of the Cardinals has a malignant cancer on the left side of his brain. [Dispatch]

Hugh Hefner is engaged again. To the same chick who left him last time. [Daily News]

“There’s also an estimated $3 billion worth of food wasted because farmers either can’t get the labor to harvest it or it doesn’t look perfect enough for store shelves.” [Parade]

The trailer for Season 2 of Girls.

French journalist riding a motorcycle has one of the year’s most hilarious accidents.

A dolphin bit a girl at Sea World. She was on Good Morning America today with her parents.

Magician’s head accidentally set on fire during a “prank.” How he doesn’t come up swinging, I’ll never know.

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