Jovan Belcher: Police Confronted Him Outside Another Woman's Apartment, He Stayed With Her Neighbors Until 6:30am

The Kansas City Star has further details about how Jovan Belcher spent the early hours of Saturday morning before killing Kasandra Perkins and then himself.

Police awoke Belcher at 2:50am Saturday, as he was sleeping inside his Bentley outside another woman’s apartment. Belcher claimed he was waiting to see his “girlfriend.” He called a woman who let him into the building. Police said Belcher was “cooperative,” and “did not appear inebriated.” They let him go.

Officers arrived at the apartment in the 700 block of Armour Boulevard, found the car, a black Bentley, and saw a man sleeping in the driver’s seat. The officers knocked on the window, woke the man — later identified as Belcher — and asked him what he was doing. He told officers he was waiting for his girlfriend to come home.

The officers asked Belcher to call his girlfriend and Belcher made a call. A short time later, a woman showed up at the apartment door and let Belcher inside. The woman waved at police, who then left because Belcher had no outstanding warrants and had committed no crimes. Police said he was very cooperative and may have consumed some alcohol but did not appear inebriated.

Belcher stayed in the apartment of neighbors of the woman he was trying to see until 6:30am, before leaving to return to the home he lived in with Kasandra Perkins.

[Photo via Presswire]

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