MLS Cup Drew An Abysmal 0.7 Rating, Worse Than Third Round of Golf's World Challenge

The MLS Cup Final happened last weekend. Many of you probably were not aware of that. Despite it being David Beckham’s sendoff, the game drew just an 0.7 overnight rating, worse than last year’s 0.8 which was considered a strong disappointment. It was a decline of around 200,000 viewers.

For some perspective from last weekend, the game was outdrawn by every college football title game except Conference USA. It was outdrawn by Golf’s World Challenge, whatever that is.

The game was moved from its customary spot opposite Sunday Night Football to a Saturday afternoon spot, opposite the SEC title game which did a 10.0.

One could question MLS’ broader television appeal, but this should be an issue about the playoffs. If no one is watching them, why have them? American fans aren’t connecting with this format.┬áThe only thing being accomplished by working 10 of the league’s 19 teams into a playoff bracket is to render the regular season meaningless.

What would be more fun than watching a 10-team bracket? Watching the eight teams that finished within six points of each other battling for two spots in a four-team playoff during the season.

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