Did the Heat Lose to the Wizards Because They Were at a Club the Night Before the Game?

The Washington Wizards won their second game of the season last night, defeating the defending NBA champion Miami Heat, 105-101. Did the Heat take the Wizards lightly? Perhaps! According to a Reddit user:

“A friend put these pics up of Heat players at the club late last night…probably why they they looked out of it in their loss to the Wizards.”

If true, this would officially rank as the saddest excuse for a loss in NBA history. Not so much as a bottle of Bud Light, a plate of motz sticks or a single groupie is seen in any of these pictures. If the Heat lost because of what transpired in these images they lost because their eyes hurt from squinting at their iPhones. I just hope they were texting each other to build team chemistry.

Another working theory about the Heat loss: Players who were not dancing at a press conference two summers ago shot 12-35.

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