Pennsylvania High School Makes Worst Gangnam Style Video Ever

This is the logical conclusion to the year of Psy. Pennsylvania’s Garden Spot High School made this parody/tribute/ruination called “Spartan High School Style.” Based on the title – (REUPLOAD!) – and the description – “THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO. This is from my high school. And I hate my high school, so no shame. Feel free to hate it and share it with the world!” – it looks like whoever created this video realized what they had done and tried to scrub it from the internet before they became a chorus of dancing Star Wars kids.  I post this not to make fun of these kids, but to hope that this video gets big enough that Daniel Tosh steps in to perform a web redemption so that everyone that appeared in this video is someday able to be considered employable.

Note: I forgot about Mike and Mike. I told you taking the Worst Ever title was no small feat.

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Because you want to see it first.

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