Roundup: William and Kate Are Expecting, French Sperm Count in Decline, The New Orleans Pelicans?!

Melanie Laurent…The Dutchess of Cambridge¬†is with child. Frankie Muniz had a stroke. The Fiscal Cliff might be preferable to Boehner’s plan. Ashley Judd for Senate in 2014? New York City summed up in one photo. Man shoots girlfriend after arguing about “The Walking Dead.” Everyone start procreating, immediately. Tamerlane may be history’s most brutal leader. Santa can be rather creepy. The effects of Sandy on local newspapers. A history of peanut butter. Voyager I has reached a new region of deep space.

New Orleans is changing its name from Hornets to The Pelicans next season. [Yahoo! Sports]

The sperm count among French Males has declined by a third since 1989. [BBC]

Penn State sorority’s Mexican-themed social did not go down so well. [Onward State]

Hall of famers take moral stand on steroids they likely would have used given the opportunity. [UT San Diego]

Incredible story about a 50-year-old transexual college basketball player. [USA Today]

The Pittsburgh Penguins are trying to save the NHL season. [TribLive]

Bricks made out of cow’s blood? Bricks made out of cow’s blood. [Mental Floss]

South Carolina brah in a bath robe describes how he escaped a house fire. [WISTV]

Red Dawn makes the case for a smaller defense budget…and not remaking dumb movies. [Business Week]

Elephants are dying out in American zoos. [Seattle Times]

Tennessee woman decides to file false rape claim after bad sex. [City of Clarksville]

Lionel Messi could break Gerd Muller’s record of 85 goals in a calendar year. [Guardian]

College football bowl games as Hollywood movies. [WSJ]

Verizon’s new DVR will spy on you in your living room to send targeted advertisements. Sounds fun. [Ars Technica]

Michelle Jenneke did an interview with Cosby Sweaters.

Man vs. Food’s Adam Richman is a Sp*rs fan.

The American Ultimate Disc League is a thing. Maybe the Big Ten can get a collegiate league going and compete at that.

A Certain Romance…

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