ACC Presidents Claim Rumors of Schools Leaving Are "Totally False," Collective Laughter Erupts

The ACC presidents are putting their foot down, you guys. No one is leaving the ACC. Those rumors you heard about departures? “Totally false,” according to the 15 ACC presidents.

“We, the undersigned presidents of the Atlantic Coast Conference, wish to express our commitment to preserve and protect the future of our outstanding league. We want to be clear that the speculation about ACC schools in negotiations or considering alternatives to the ACC are totally false. The presidents of the ACC are united in our commitment to a strong and enduring conference. The ACC has long been a leader in intercollegiate athletics, both academically and athletically, and the constitution of our existing and future member schools will maintain the ACC’s position as one of the nation’s premier conferences.”

We’re sure seven of those 15 firmly attached schools remember such statements fondly from their time in the Big East…

Major college athletic departments exist to generate revenue. Big Ten teams could soon be earning twice as much as ACC teams from television. Even if the absurd, $50 million buyout sticks, it still might make long term financial sense to leave. The school presidents are hardly a noble bulwark against this. Their job consists mostly of fundraising for the university. ACC schools are committed, until Jim Delany, Mike Slive or Bob Bowlsby calls.

We know certain schools want out, because the ACC has not enacted a grant of rights agreement. The Big 12 became stable by signing a 13-year-deal. If a school leaves during that contract, the conference keeps its media rights. If every school was as committed as they maintain, schools would have every incentive to enact one.

Keep an eye on the Maryland vs. ACC lawsuit. If the buyout gets reduced or voided, it could lead to a realignment free-for-all.

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