Four College Basketball Games Going on at the Same Time to Open the Season in Cowboys Stadium? Cool.

MLB has opening day. College football has opening weekend. So does the NFL. The NBA has opening night, which usually pits two marquee teams to kick off the season.

What does college basketball have to start the season?


I like to think the season begins with the Maui tournament Thanksgiving week (roughly a week or 10 days after the first games are played), but this year’s tournament was full of blowouts and bad teams.

Bottom line: College basketball has a “soft” opening to the season, and it hurts the sport.

Which is why I’m fully on board for this gimmick of an idea the Michigan State AD has:

Next year on Veterans Day weekend, there will be four — count ’em, four — games taking place simultaneously at Cowboys Stadium, site of the 2014 Final Four. The games will begin 15 minutes apart and be held side by side (by side by side) in the giant facility. The purpose is to simulate the madness that takes place during the first week of the NCAA tournament. Only instead of the games taking place in four different cities, they’ll be played in one town, under one roof.

Bedlam? You bet. Too AAU? Certainly. Interesting as hell? Of course.

Get the games televised on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU & ESPN News simultaneously, and we’ll all wear out our remote.

Get at least 3-4 big-name schools – gotta have some combination of Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Louisville in there – make the matchups compelling, fill the stadium with 100k+, and make it a can’t miss event.

What’s not to like? [Seth Davis Hoop Thoughts]

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