Ballin': Greatest Lakers of All-Time - Magic, Jabbar, Shaq, Kobe, Yes, in That Order

LA Clippers 112, Dallass 90: Caron Butler detonated one on that stiff Chris Kaman. My Clippers are 12-6, winners of four in a row. By next week, the LA media will panic about them again, probably.

And what would a Clippers recap be without mention of Blake Griffin (19 points, 13 rebounds) slam? Lefty, no less. Worth nothing – some people Blake delivered a “dirty” shoulder here. Eh. The lottery-bound Mavericks, still without Dirk, are 8-10.

Toronto 107, Sacramento 100: Reportedly, 12,476 people showed up for this game. I find that impossible to believe. Kyle Lowry, the only reason to care about Toronto, had a solid game: 34 points, 11 assists. Was a big fan of his work at Villanova. Good NBA player, but the Raptors are unwatchable (4-15).

Atlanta 108, Denver 104: Nothing like a dagger … on a dunk. The Nuggets, who received much love from the stat guys in the preseason, are 9-10. Gross game from Iguodala – 2-of-10, seven turnovers.

LA Lakers 103, New Orleans 87: Kobe hit the 30,000 point mark. Nice accomplishment! Sorry, but you’re playing in an era of LeBron/Durant in their prime. And you’ll never be Michael. And you’re still only the 4th greatest Laker of all-time (Magic, Jabbar, Shaq). Also, he had a finger-pointing moment with Dwight Howard on the bench. Chris Duhon started at point for the Lakers and had 10 assists and zero turnovers. Anthony Davis missed the game for the Hornets, who got 31 points from Ryan Anderson, but little or nothing from everyone else.

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