Jim Harbaugh Says It Has All Been Downhill Since He Met Screech

Jim Harbaugh was asked about the Saved By The Bell video that we first posted two days ago. He was confused as to why it became such a big thing now, saying that his wife and some players had teased him about it. We are too.

Hey, we were glad to share, we thought it was funny, and it was a lost treasure. I would not have guessed that more people viewed that post than all my other stuff this week combined. Hey, come for the Saved By The Bell, stay for the NFL posts. Anyone?

Harbaugh said that it has been all down hill since he played Screech’s cousin. We know the feeling, Jim.

Here’s offensive tackle Joe Staley talking about Harbaugh in the locker room. (turn the camera sideways, folks).¬†Staley, starting at around 1:50: “Saw a screen shot, he had amazing hair.”

Because you want to see it first!

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