Kevin Youkilis Received One Year Offer from Yankees for $12 Million

With Alex Rodriguez and his ailing hip on the disabled list until June or July, the New York Yankees need a third baseman. Eric Chavez, who already has a fork in his back anyway, opted to sign with the Diamondbacks, but the hated Kevin Youkilis happens to be a free agent, so Brian Cashman went ahead and offered him a one-year deal for $12 million.

Youkilis is reportedly mulling other offers from a handful of teams — Ken Rosensquirrel is reporting two-year deals totaling $16-$18 million — but signing with the Yankees would be far too much fun for it not to happen, save for the inevitable shaving of his goatee. Perhaps Youk and Joba Chamberlain will finally hug it out following an awkward tickle fight that’s been brewing for years. [via USA Today]

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