Terrell Suggs Had to Surrender Firearms after Allegations of Domestic Abuse Last Month

In the heightened awareness of domestic abuse and guns in the aftermath of the Jovan Belcher tragedy, news of some Terrell Suggs’ domestic issues has come to light. Last month, he and his girlfriend, Candace Williams, were involved in a custody dispute with the parties filing competing actions, and Suggs surrendered legally possessed firearms to authorities.

The article by the Baltimore Sun is not clear on the timeline, but there was also a protective order sought three years ago by Candace Williams. Among the allegations contained in a complaint (presumably, the one from three years ago, and not last month) were that Suggs threw a soap dispenser at her, hit her with his hand in the chest, and held a bottle of bleach over her and their infant son.

Obviously a very sensitive topic right now, and it is a positive, regardless of the truth of any of the underlying claims, that in this situation the guns have been removed. I will caution that since this case apparently arises out of competing interests in a custody situation, there are frequently allegations made by parties, and nothing has been adjudicated here.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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