Stephen Jackson Doesn't Like "Serg Abaka," Doesn't Know How to Spell Serge Ibaka [UPDATE]

Towards the end of last night’s Lakers – Thunder game, Serge Ibaka and Ron Artest got tangled up and had to be separated by teammates and referees. For Ibaka, it had to be a harrowing experience. He was face-to-face with the NBA’s premiere crazy guy. The good news is, that incident is over and the Lakers and Thunder don’t meet again until January. The bad news is that one of the league’s other premiere crazy guys – Stephen Jackson – apparently took notice of the minor skirmish.

The Spurs host the Thunder on Monday, December 17th. Was Jackson unimpressed with Ibaka’s tough guy act last night? Are there lingering hard feelings from last year’s playoffs? Or maybe Jackson was just talking about some guy named Serg Abaka who really aint bout dis life.

Update: Jackson has since deleted the original Tweet, but he did return to Twitter to offer an explanation for his comment in a Tweet entitled, “For all the haters.”

“im going in ya mouth.” What a turn of phrase.

Because you want to see it first!

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