Juan Manuel Marquez Knocked Out Manny Pacquiao... COLD [gif]

Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out Manny Pacquiao tonight. It was amazing. Marquez is now 1-2-1 against Pacquiao in his career. So, are you more excited about Pacquiao – Marquez 5 or Mayweather – Pacquiao I? I’m just kidding. No one cares about Mayweather – Pacquiao now. Pacman has now lost two straight fights. The KO came at the very end of the 6th round.

Here’s an awesome picture (courtesy Getty) of Marquez’s knock down of Pacquiao in the 3rd.

And here is an incredible KO picture. Also from Getty.

Celebration via USA TODAY Sports Images.

[gif via @ZProphen_MMA]

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