UFC on FOX Recap: Benson Henderson Defended His Title With a Toothpick in His Mouth

Benson Henderson dominated Nate Diaz  to defend his UFC lightweight title at UFC on FOX 5 in Seattle. Diaz was stifled by Henderson’s clinch game and wrestling. When the fight was over, Diaz’s face was busted up and Henderson looked like he hadn’t been hit. That was probably a good thing for Henderson who apparently fought the entire 25 minute fight with a toothpick in his mouth.

Henderson confirmed he spars and often fights with a toothpick at the postfight press conference. As far as bad habits in the cage go, this is one that will likely be addressed at future Henderson fights. You probably remember the hubbub caused when people finally realized that Caron Butler played basketball with a straw in his mouth. I feel like a toothpick in MMA is a little worse. Plus, its dangerous for the opponent.

In other news, Alexander Gustafsson defeated Shogun Rua to set up a future fight with… another contender probably.

Rory MacDonald also looked great last night, outclassing B.J. Penn completely. After the fight, Dana White said that he wanted B.J. Penn to retire. Penn is now 1-4-1 since 2010 and his win came against Matt Hughes. Don’t be surprised if we find B.J. on a card sometime next summer, more motivated and hungrier than ever.

Matt Brown kicked off the card by knocking out Mike Swick. Brown is 4-0 in 2012 after dropping 4 out of 5 between 2010 and 2011.

I love it when the UFC has highlights.

Because you want to see it first!

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