Little Kid Dances With Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders, Basically Part of Dance Team [Video]

During yesterday’s Philadelphia – Tampa Bay game, FOX came back from (or went to?) commercial, showing a little kid dancing with the Bucs cheerleaders. That’s fairly noteworthy. I mean, why does this kid get to hang out with the Bucs’ cheerleaders? That doesn’t seem fair. Turns out he’s been doing this for months. Give him a hair cut and a pair of shades and I’m feel pretty confident that he’s the same kind from Tampa Bay’s Gangnam Style video back in September. The video above is from the October 14th game against Kansas City when he joins them for Gangnam Style. By the time the video below was shot (November 25th vs. Atlanta) he was doing the entire routine to multiple songs. As of yesterday? I’m guessing he’s taken over as choreographer. Since he’s wearing a Doug Martin, I propose we call him Dance Hamster. He could sell Kias.

[gif via @dhm, h/t: @cartmaniak]

Because you want to see it first!

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