Chicago Man Jumps Out of Bathroom Stall, Stabs Man in Neck With Broken Beer Bottle at Wrigleyville Sports Bar

Gregg Greaves is a 23-year old who lives in Chicago. Greaves has a job and a degree in industrial engineering. Early Sunday morning, he attacked a fellow patron with a broken beer bottle in the bathroom of a Wrigleyville sports bar. The Chicago Tribune has the details:

Greaves refused to wear his pants and yelled obscenities while being processed at a police station. Also, while being processed, the man defecated into his hands and threw the matter onto the floor of the station, the report stated.

Outside of court, Greaves defense attorney, Kevin McCubbin, said: “All I’ve got to tell you is there’s two sides to it.”

“We will fight this,” McCubbin said.

“Did you stab a man with a broken beer bottle and throw your feces around a police station? Give us a call, at McCubbin and Go Cubs, LLP. We’ll fight for your right to party. And fight and throw poop.” Greaves was charged with “aggravated battery causing great bodily harm.” He is being held on $500,000 bail.

[Chicago Tribune]

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