Matt Bonner's Dunk Against the Rockets Earned a Freebird Tribute [Video]

If you live under a rock, then you might have missed the greatest dunk in NBA history this weekend as Matt “Red Rocket” Bonner threw down a vicious two-handed slam in the Spurs 114-92 victory over the Houston Rockets. It was epic. It was so epic that it earned a Free Bird tribute on YouTube. The man slow-motion replays also helped me notice this Spurs fan who throws up the devil horns when Bonner throws down. Then, as if they were joined by some mysterious universal force, Bonner and the kid do¬†simultaneous¬†fist pumps.

My only problem with this video? It wasn’t a full 9-minute version inter-cut with footage from the final scene of The Devil’s Rejects. Because that’s how Matt Bonner rolls. Guns blazing. Texas. ‘Merica.

/plays 10 minute air guitar solo

[@calebjsaenz via @HPBasketball]

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