Novak Djokovic Bought Up the World's Most Expensive Cheese Made from Donkey's Milk

Novak Djokovic is getting in the restaurant business, and thus he’s got a lot of interest in the most expensive cheese in the world, which comes from donkey’s milk. From the Telegraph:

But unlike the posh US producers of the other foods the cheese now snapped up by the tennis ace is made on a donkey farm in Serbia, in Zasavica, that also provides the name of the company.

Slobodan Simic, the manager at Zasavica, said the secret of the cheese’s great taste was the fact that it was produced from milk taken from donkey’s raised on one of Serbia’s most famous wildlife and nature reserves.

The cheese, known as pule, is made only from donkeys and it takes 25 litres of fresh donkey milk to make a single kilogram.

The white, crumbly cheese has been described as similar to Spanish Manchego cheese, but with a deeper, richer taste.

The reserve also produces bottled donkeys’ milk, which is said to have been a beauty secret of Cleopatra.

This cheese sounds so decadent, I’m off to an early lunch at Cosi, where I plan on getting extra gorgonzola and pretending like it’s “pule.” [Telegraph via Pour Me Coffee]

[Unrelated: Here’s a GIF of the Djoker dancing with someone on a tennis court.]

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