Iman Shumpert Recorded a Knicks Anthem

Ain’t nobody messing with Iman Shumpert’s Knicks. At least that is what Shump proclaims on his Knicks Anthem. The only problem with a song like this that name drops specific teammates – what happens if James “Flight” White gets traded for a bag of basketballs? Do we have to head back into the studio to record a new verse? Seems like a pain in the ass. If I wrote a rap song about my teammates I would simply refer to their positions. Like this:

Point guard, nice pass
Shooting guard, and-one
Small forward, swishin’ threes
Power forward, good boxing out, bro
Back up center, starting the break with a block that stays in bounds. You are a valuable contributor to our team!
Knicks. Knicks. Knicks. Knicks. Knicks. Knicks. Knicks.

It wouldn’t sell many units, but it would stand the test of time. [via Sports Crackle Pop]

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