Pierre Garcon Said on Sportscenter that Kirk Cousins Was Starting for the Redskins This Week

Pierre Garcon, the Redskins receiver, appeared on Sportscenter sometime in the last 24 hours TODAY and said that backup QB Kirk Cousins was starting Sunday against the Browns in Cleveland. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. On Monday, Vegas had the Browns (three wins in a row!) as a touchdown favorite and, well, DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO RG3’S LEG? It looked like his season could be over, but surprisingly, the MRI results came back clean.

While it’s unclear how long RG3 will be out – this week? rest of the regular season? – here’s an optimist’s view on Cousins: Every rookie QB that has played this season, from Luck to RG3 to Russell Wilson to Ryan Tannehill, and even Nick Foles last weekend (albeit against the NFL’s worst pass D), has had more success than expected. Cousins has thrown 11 passes in two games, with two TDs and two interceptions.

In case you’re wondering, the Browns defense isn’t horrible (Top 15ish in most categories). [video via Dan Steinberg]

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