Los Angeles Angels are Giving Sportswriters the Boot to Create More Luxury Boxes, Gotta Pay for Hamilton and Pujols Somehow

When the news that the Angels were signing Josh Hamilton to a big $125 million contract, sportswriters in LA no doubt rejoiced at the potential story lines. Hours later, news came out that the sportswriters would be giving up their location to create more luxury boxes and revenue. Apparently, this is where Arte Moreno is going to find some extra change, Torii Hunter. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Angels will convert portions of their press box to a luxury suite providing “upgraded dining opportunities and amenities” for up to 80 more fans.

The television and radio crews will still keep their spots, but print and other media will now move to a new box far down the right field line and higher up.

“It really boils down to building revenue streams and finding as many ways as possible to grow,” said Tim Mead, Angels vice president of communications. “In talking to other teams, the seating behind home plate is a prime area to do things.”

T.J. Simers will not be in a good mood now. Expect him to be surly and piss off Mike Scioscia–like he recently did with Mike D’Antoni and Jim Mora, Jr.–on the rare occasions he visits the stadium now.

Because you want to see it first!

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