Bill Belichick Thought the Ted Ginn, Jr. Punt Return Fiasco Was *Bleeping* Bull-*Bleep*

Bill Belichick was not happy with the explanation by Ed Hochuli and the results of this crazy play involving Ted Ginn, Jr. Ginn had the most manly reaction since Mark Sanchez lined up at wide receiver, going twinkle toes while trying to sell/convince the referees that he did not touch that ball.

After a lengthy and confusing delay, here was Hochuli’s explanation, barely audible with the boos, as neither coach looks happy:

The call was that Ginn, Jr. did not touch it, and that the Patriots had illegally touched it (???), while San Francisco was also called for a penalty. That was some &%$%&-ing bull$&*#!

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[gifs via @cfbsection and @cjzero]

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