Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett Had No Idea Josh Brent Would Be on the Sidelines For the Steelers Game

Josh Brent, the Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman who got in a drunk driving accident two weeks ago, killing a teammate, surprisingly appeared on the team’s sideline Sunday during the Steelers game.

Nine days ago, Brent had a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit and according to a witness, wouldn’t go into the burning car to save his friend.

Why was he on the sideline? His teammates told him to show up, the Morning News reports.

Several of the Cowboys players called Brent and implored him to come to the game. They wanted him there. Since Brent is on the non-football illness list, he can show up at any time before the game like a player on injured reserve and gain access.

Owner Jerry Jones, executive vice president Stephen Jones and head coach Jason Garrett weren’t aware that Brent was going to be at the game until they saw him on the sidelines. Brent eventually left the game once he realized he was being a distraction.

The Cowboys coaches and players have been unwavering in their support of Brent. The tone has been set by Stacey Jackson, the mother of Jerry Brown Jr., who told the team in last week’s memorial that she loves Brent like a son, forgives him for the accident and wants the Cowboys to support him.

I get the “stand by your teammate” thing – better done privately, in my opinion – but calling him up and telling him to stand on the sideline?

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