Tiger Woods is "an emotional train wreck" and "not a good example for the kids" According to Golf Resort Owner

People can’t help but take shots at Tiger Woods now that he’s past his prime and injury-plagued and has fallen off his pedestal. The latest person to fire a shot in Tiger’s direction is Clive Palmer, a really rich golf course owner in Australia who is trying to keep a PGA event at his course on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Palmer wants golf to continue to grow and doesn’t see Tiger Woods in the sport’s future. From The Australian:

“Tiger Woods isn’t the No 1 golfer in the world any more,” Palmer said. “We don’t want to look backwards, we want to look forwards. So why would you get Tiger Woods here? I would prefer to have Peter Senior than Tiger Woods.

“I am sure Peter Senior could beat Tiger Woods on a good day. I am sure he could.

“Tiger Woods has improved a lot but he’s an emotional wreck and he’s not a good example for kids, anyway.”

Poor Tiger. He didn’t even do anything this time.

[The Australian via @BryanAGraham]

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