E. Gordon Gee Made $1.9 Million, Ran Up $1.7 Million in Expenses at Ohio State in 2011

E. Gordon Gee does not consort with many little sisters of the poor. The Ohio State president does not make as much as Urban Meyer, but he is quite well taken care of. He was the highest paid public university president in the country in 2011, earning $1.9 million. He racked up an incredible $1.7 million in personal expenses as well, meaning Ohio State spent around $4,658 per day in Gee upkeep.

For some comparison, Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman, the 5th highest paid public university president, earns a little over $700,000 per year in total. She was hammered by Michigan’s right-wing paper for spending $130,000 on travel and meals.

Many justify Gee’s salary as a necessary expense for his fundraising, more than $1.6 billion since arriving in 2007. It’s not clear how much money Coleman specifically raises, though she stewarded the Michigan Difference campaign, which raised $3.2 billion from 2004 to 2008.

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