Watch and Laugh as Mark Sanchez Throws Four Interceptions and Fumbles the Snap with the Game on the Line, While Jon Gruden Slams Him

Mark Sanchez, and Mark Sanchez alone, is the reason the Jets no longer have a shot at the NFL playoffs. The running game was working. The Titans defense committed 11 penalties. The NYJ offensive line did give up four sacks, but protection was otherwise pretty good. The Jets’ defense forced 10 punts. This one’s on Sanchez (and if you’re looking to rip someone else, offensive coordinator Tony Sparano called another confusing game).

Pick an adjective to describe his five turnover performance (three in the final eight minutes of the 4th quarter!), and it applies. I’d go with appalling because, as you can see in the video above, 4th year QBs aren’t supposed to make such poor decisions over and over and over again.

We’ll have to take some time to ponder ways the Jets can avoid bringing him back next year, but that’s going to be difficult, given the fact that he’s guaranteed over $8 million. I just don’t see how the team can feel remotely positive about next year following this performance. What trust or confidence will they have in the offense, regardless of what moves are made elsewhere?

Also, he’s got an NFL-high 50 turnovers in the last two years.

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