Michigan is Worth Almost Twice as Much as Ohio State In Forbes' Most Valuable College Football Rankings, Texas Still No. 1

Forbes published its list of Most Valuable College Football Teams for 2012. Texas finishing No. 1 at $133m comes as no surprise, though Michigan being the only school close at $120m might be more of one. Notre Dame was third at $103m. SEC programs filled out the rest of the top ten: LSU, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Ohio State finishing 19th is notable. According to Forbes, Ohio State is only the sixth most valuable football program in the Big Ten, slightly beneath Michigan State. It is less valuable than Washington. Despite Ohio State winning 10 of the last 12 against Michigan, the Wolverines team is nearly twice as valuable. Must be the uniforms. One would think such a result would call the metric itself into question?

The Sandusky aftermath cost Penn State. The Nittany Lions plummeted from third in last year’s list to 13th, dropping in value by $21 million. Forbes also listed the best value teams (No. 1 Kansas State at $1.45m per win) and the worst value teams (No. 1 Kansas at $8m per win) over the past three seasons. Same state. Ouch.

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