Deron Williams is "one evening gown shy of a diva," Columnist Writes

Dave D’Alessandro, one of the best writers covering the NBA, destroyed Deron Williams today in the Star-Ledger. Eviscerated the point guard. A tease:

This has less to do with how you play — which is bad enough, you readily admit nowadays — than how you act, which is just one evening gown shy of a diva. And by now you may have sensed that everyone around you seems unwilling to share their candid observations with you.

Somewhere, Jerry Sloan — who, as D’Alessandro put it, “he’d rather live with his 30 tractors in McLeansboro, Ill., than put up with your insubordination” — is sipping on a latte and muttering to himself, “it took you guys almost two years to figure that out?”

I can’t wait to see how the Deron Williams beat writers for the Deron Williams website handle this one.

Because you want to see it first!

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