Hero for the Holidays: High School Quarterback Protects Bullied Special Needs Student

Carson Jones is a quarterback for Queen Creek High School in Arizona. When a distraught mom contacted him on Facebook because her special needs child was getting bullied at school, Jones stepped up. Liz Johnson contacted Jones, who she remembered as “wholesome” and “good-natured” after having previously worked as a teacher’s aide, when her daughter Chy was subjected to harsh treatment, including having trash thrown at her by other students.

The day after being contacted by Johnson, Carson Jones found Chy sitting alone in the cafeteria and invited her over to sit with him and other football players. Since then, she has become an unofficial member of the team, hanging out with them, going to dances, and going to the sidelines during games.

“If it wasn’t for Carson, I honestly think we would have pulled her out of school and homeschooled her,” Liz Johnson said.

This is the kind of story I will share with my son. It takes bravery to be a leader and step up. Great story as we head to Christmas break at many schools today.

[People Magazine, photo by Dave Knoer]

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