False Alarm: Novak Djokovic Has NOT Purchased the World's Entire Supply of Donkey Cheese (But He Could)

Remember last week it was reported that Novak Djokovic had purchased the world’s supply of donkey cheese to sell exclusively in his restaurants? Well step back from the ledge because it wasn’t true. From the New York Times:

Slobodan Simic, the farm’s donkey breeder, left a sample of the cheese with the manager of Mr. Djokovic’s restaurant in Belgrade, offering to let the restaurant have an exclusive on the product. He still awaits a reply. “That is the only truth, and the rest are made up by journalists,” Mr. Vukadinovic wrote.

The Daily Mail, hot on the trail of pule, sent a reporter named Robert Hardman to Serbia for a tasting. When he discovered that the Djokovic story was shaky, he buried the bad news deep in the story and swathed it in a few layers of obfuscation, suggesting that Mr. Simic is now “waiting to clinch the deal.”

So that means there is still a chance that Djokovic could purchase all the donkey milk cheese!? Stop toying with us Djoker! That last week – when I thought I had no chance to buy any Serbian goat milk cheese – was rough. Now I have that chance back and he could steal it away again. Leave my pule alone. If Djoker does want all the donkey cheese, it can be his for an estimated $132,000.

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