The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (Formerly Insight Bowl) President Made Over $500,000 in 2010, For 10 Hours of Work a Week

The President for the artist formerly known as the Insight Bowl (now Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl) was not hitting the overtime button in 2010. John Junker was also the President of the Fiesta Bowl, and you might remember that he was fired for his rampant corruption, that included paying for a 50th birthday party, and paying for a strip club bill out of bowl funds.

Alicia Jessop, a Forbes sports business contributor, says that of those that filed public tax records for two years ago, only two bowl games operated at a loss: the Humanitarian and Insight. Not only was Junker off partying on the Fiesta Bowl’s dime, but he drew a nice little $587,216 in compensation from the Insight Bowl as a second job, while doing ten hours of work per week on average. This was while the bowl was operating at a loss of over $4.6 million. That makes this nice little story about the wonderful economic impact to the Valley of the Sun for toasting kids on the town even more laughable.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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