Tom Crean and His Son Helped an Anderson University Football Player Whose Car Was Stuck in a Ditch

Tom Crean and his son Riley were driving home from Assembly Hall early Saturday morning when they happened upon a car stuck in a ditch. Caleb Anderson, a 19-year old freshman wide receiver at Anderson University, was driving home from a friend’s house when he hit some ice and spun out. Anderson was sitting in his ’92 Honda on the phone with his mother when Crean stopped to help. From WDRB:

“Mom, it’s Tom Crean,” Anderson said. “He said he’ll help me get the car out.”

For the next 10 or 15 minutes, Crean certainly tried, standing in front of Anderson’s car, working to push it from the rut and snow and ice.

“He was dressed very nice,” Anderson said. “The first thing he asked me was if I was OK. I told him that I was. Then he said, ‘Let’s try to get you out of here.’ It’s too bad he didn’t have a few players in the car with him.”

Eventually, someone with a truck (I’ll assume it was a Ferd F-Teenthousand) arrived to put Anderson’s car back on the road. As for Crean, he was just doing the right thing.

“I just saw somebody who needed help and that’s what I tried to do,” he said. “I’ll do it again the next time I see somebody who needs help. I hope somebody would do the same for me or my family.”

Indiana is 12-1 and the 5th ranked team in the nation. [via wdrb]

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