Boxing Champ Austin Trout Arrested on Suspicion of Public Intoxication After Fight at a Restaurant, Claims it Was a Mistake and He Asked for a Breathalyzer

Austin Trout, World junior middleweight boxing champion, was enjoying some pre-dawn eats at a Taco joint on New Year’s Day when a fight broke out in the restaurant. Police quickly arrived on the scene, and rather than try to decipher who was involved, they just cuffed everybody, Trout included. The boxing champ told the El Paso Times what happened:

“The police officer said I was involved and I told him I don’t fight for free. It’s funny. They arrested everyone who wasn’t involved in the fight.

“The police officer said I was intoxicated. I told him I wasn’t. He said he could smell it on my breath and I asked to take a breathalyzer and he said he didn’t have to give me one. They just held me for the required time, I paid a booking fee ($105 bond) and I was released. It was all just a mistake.”

Love that line: “I don’t fight for free.” Trout (5-9, 155-ish) has an awesome nickname – “No Doubt” – and is 26-0 after dispatching Miguel Cotto last month. He told the paper the police are dropping the charges. [El Paso Times]

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