Paulina Gretzky Profiled in Canadian Fashion Magazine, Music and Movie Career About to Take Off

Paulina Gretzky is on this month’s cover of FLARE, Canada’s Fashion Magazine. If I had to guess, I would say this magazine comes out once a year and is 100 pages on the latest denims. In the latest issue, Paulina talks about relationships and the trouble of being so damn tall that whatever you wear looks kind of slutty. Uh huh.

Paulina says she was never dating Jarret Stoll. From FLARE:

“Jaret Stoll (of the Los Angeles Kings) and I are not dating. We just met through mutual friends during the playoffs…but we’re not dating. Everyone can know this now! I pick the wrong guys, so I’m waiting for the right guy to come pick me.”

Hear that fellas? She’s waiting for you. Onto her career…

“The dream right now is to be in the entertainment industry. My huge, huge thing right now is my music. That’s my centre, that’s my core. I just did Adam Sandler’s movie, Grown Ups II. My part is very small, but there’s a great little cast around me: Taylor Lautner, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Alex Ludwig from the Hunger Games. There were a bunch of people my age, and we were funny fraternity/sorority people.”

We know that Paulina is great in Grown Ups 2. I’m sure it is hilarious, but for now she’s concentrating on her album.

“Last year, I had a deal with Universal Canada, which I was so, so excited about but unfortunately things happen where it just doesn’t work out. Right now, I’m putting together a team of producers to help me shop around an album. I can say for 75% sure that my single will be released in Canada first. I’m co-writing it.”

It seems she has been writing music since she was a teenager when her then-manager took her to Sweden to work with a producer, but that was all a big waste of time. What a life this girl has had.


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