Bill O'Brien Claims He's "Not a One and Done Guy," Despite Interviewing With The Cleveland Browns

Bill O’Brien inherited a toxic atmosphere and a gutted roster at Penn State. Surprising many, the untested head coach made lemonade, finishing 8-4 and developing woebegone Matt McGloin into a competent college passer. This effort earned him coach of the year buzz and raised his stock dramatically. It piqued interest from NFL teams with vacancies.

O’Brien’s agent clearly let his name dangle in the wind for NFL jobs. He interviewed with and by some accounts “dazzled” the Cleveland Browns. He has decided to stay at Penn State, though, and would have you believe he’s not the type to “cut and run after one year.”

“I’m not a one-and-done guy,” said O’Brien. “I made a commitment to these players at Penn State and that’s what I am going to do.

“I’m a man of my word. I am what I am. Maybe I get fired in six years. But I’m not gonna cut and run after one year, that’s for sure.”

The NFL is always intriguing, especially to former NFL assistants. One would hardly blame O’Brien for being intrigued, since his circumstances at Penn State have altered drastically through no fault of his own.

We could take O’Brien at his word he is “not a one-and-done guy,” just interviewing with an NFL team for shits, giggles and leverage for an enhanced contract. We would suspect, though, that this has much to do with teams being unwilling to pay his $18 million buyout and, as that buyout reduces, this won’t be his last dalliance with “The National Football League.”

[Photo via USA Today Sports]

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