Roundup: Field of Dreams Purchased, Green Bay Cuts Beer Sales, Worst New Year's Eve Broadcast Ever

Scarlett Johansson … female trooper allegedly falsified dozens of DUI arrests … yay, another Lena Dunham feature … dying writer makes the most of her last days … twin brothers fight over whose turn it is to have sex with their girlfriend … a lemur with moves like Jagger … man robs bank, gets caught jerking off …  man put on $1001.29 bond for putting sticky buns down his pants … it’s not rape if she’s not married …  man waiting 3 decades for a new trial … man robs store, calls mom for ride home … who is the hot girl in that commercial … gun ad next to Sandy Hook storyAlan Sepinwall’s self-published book gets a real publisher … Houston reporter being stalked … how to be more productiveSophia Vergara was involved in a NYE fight and she fell out of her top …

They will be shutting down alcohol sales early in Green Bay this weekend. [FOX 11]

Redskins marching band allowed to play Hail to the Redskins again. [WaPo]

Butch Jones’ staff at Tennessee is see to make more than $3 million combined next year. [Tennessean]

That guy who was peeing on the floor at the airport in yesterday’s Roundup is a Twilight actor. [E!]

Hot fighter alert: Paige VanZant. [Cage Potato]

Olivia Wilde attended a Jayhawks game. [With Leather]

Former NBA player Quincy Douby scores 75 points overseas. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Adrian Peterson wants to play special teams. [ESPN]

Field of Dreams sold to investment group. [The Star]

Cowboys fan shoots Tony Romo jersey, blows up washing machine. [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

New Year’s Eve trainwreck on an LA television station featuring Jamie Kennedy, Bone Thus, Macy Gray…

Speaking of New Year’s trainwrecks… wait, what is the theme of this float? Bring jobs back to America?

This is how you release a bobcat you accidentally caught in your trap.

High school kid (David Denson) hits a 515 foot home run at the new Marlins stadium. Freaking metal bats.

Because you want to see it first!

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