Raiders Fans & Chargers Fans Fought and Were Arrested Last Weekend

The Raiders and Chargers played each other in a completely meaningless game between two teams that combined for 11 wins on the season. So of course their fans all got drunk and tried to start fights. Above you will see a Raiders fan get dropped with one punch. He then spends the rest of the video on roller skates while his tough guy buddy backs down from the guy he was trying to pick a fight with. Turning his hat forward is the human equivalent of putting his tale between his legs.

There was even more action during the game in Section 47 where fans were taken away in handcuffs. The highlight comes around the 4:45 mark when a woman being taken away by police pauses to tell the cameraman, “Fuck the Raiders.”

[Sports Crackle Pop, @NOLA_Fredo]

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