Robert Griffin III Will Travel to Alabama to Have His Knee Further Examined by Dr. James Andrews

Mike Shanahan held his Monday press conference, and stated that Griffin III will travel to Alabama for further testing with James Andrews. Never a good sign.

Robert will fly down tomorrow to see Dr. Andrews. He’s going to have some more tests and a physical exam. I’m not sure right now the extent of his knee. Anytime you do have a former ACL injury, or an LCL, and you take a look at this MRI, sometimes its old injuries. That’s why he’s going to fly down there and see Dr. Andrews, get some new MRIs, get a physical examination. And so right now, everything is total speculation. When I do know the extent of the injury, I’ll let you know.

The questioning also turned testy when the topic of Dr. James Andrews came up, in regard to Andrews’ revelation that he did not clear Griffin to return in the Baltimore game. “There was no miscommunication with Dr. Andrews” after the Ravens game, Shanahan insisted. “I asked Dr. Andrews if he was okay to be in the game. He said ‘yes'”. When pressed, Shanahan fired, “[w]hy don’t you get a hold of Dr. Andrews, and you ask him.”

To be clear, the Redskins have already done MRI’s. Shanahan said there were differences of opinion on the MRI. Dr. Andrews was at the game, and it was not revealed whether he had already reviewed any from the last 24 hours. When asked about whether there was a concern, Shanahan said “there is a concern, that’s why he is going to go see him.”

Shanahan also drew a comparison to Adrian Peterson doing pretty well without offseason practice after his injury, though he is not going to speculate on the extent of the injury.


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