Adrian Peterson Called a Teenager With Cancer in Hospital


Twitter is a valuable resource for leering at a quarterback’s girlfriend bringing people together. The latest example of this occurred Monday night, when Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings called Blake Cognata in his hospital room just 90 minutes after a friend had started an #APCallBlake hashtag. Cognata is a football and lacrosse player, but was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in February, and the cancer has spread throughout his body. He entered the hospital this weekend.

A friend who remembered the Tebow twitter campaign to call two teens who survived a drunk driver accident decided he would try to get Blake’s football hero to call him and raise his spirits.

“Blake answered his phone and he was so cute it was like, ‘Helllloooo?'” said his mother, who was obviously only hearing what her son was saying and not the Peterson part of the conversation. “Then he said, ‘Can I ask who’s calling? For real? Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe you called me.'”

Diane Calcagno said Blake and Peterson chatted for about five minutes. “He told Blake not to give up and asked how long he had been sick. Then he told Blake that he had his personal cell number and to call him anytime that he wanted to talk to someone. He’s a very spiritual man and talked to Blake about his faith.”

[photo via democratandchronicle.com]

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